About Us

We are very proud to announce that John and Julie Eggenhuizen have taken over the management of 4WD Off Road Driver Training (4WDORDT).

Under the stewardship of Phil Poulter for over 20 years, 4WDORDT became a highly respected 4WD training and tour company, and Phil treated it as “his baby”.

Sadly, in early 2019 Phil passed away from cancer. He was taken all too soon,  But before he passed away, he wanted to make sure that his baby, the business that he had nurtured for so many years, would be well taken care of.

He contacted John and Julie and asked if they would run his business for him, they jumped at the opportunity. They had been good friends with Phil for many years and although they were competitors, there was a mutual respect for how each other ran their respective businesses.

John and Julie, support by an amazing team of instructors and admin staff,  have taken it upon themselves to ensure that 4WDORDT continues to operate as a centre of excellence for 4WD training and touring.