What should you expect from a 4WD training course?…. You, as the paying customer, should expect (and deserve) value for money.

When you decide to do a 4WD training course make sure that the company can provide nationally recognised training packages. This helps to ensure that you are receiving quality training and value for money. 4WDORDT provide nationally recognised training packages in partnership with Getabout Training Services –  Registered Training Organisation (RTO) No 90547, who provide the Statements of Attainment/qualifications.

Our company is one of Australia’s leading privately owned driver training establishments and we provide you with the best!!!!…….

So why choose us?

We provide the following training for the nationally accredited courses in partnership with Getabout Training Services –  RTO No 90547 . All Statements of Attainments/qualifications are provided by Getabout Training Services –  RTO No 90547


We also cater for the recreational driver by providing the best information and techniques to enjoy your 4wd in offroad situations! No need to do any formal assessments or sit through theory sessions.

Our instructors/trainers are accredited workplace trainers with years of 4WD experience. We can help with trip planning, offer advice on accessories, vehicle preparation and much much more…

Our training facility is located on a 2,000acre private property, called River Island Nature Retreat. Located in the picturesque Southern Highlands of NSW just 1 & 1/2 hours from the Sydney CBD. This natural bushland setting sets the atmosphere for the day. Unlike some 4WD driver training courses, all the obstacles created here represent exactly what you may encounter when you decide to venture off into the outback of this vast country.

On our driver training days for the public we take a maximum of eight (8) drivers per session. You don’t need crowded training sessions. It is also a lot of fun watching how other vehicles perform through the obstacles. Many of our participants come down as couples (2 x drivers in one vehicle), while one is driving the other can watch and learn how their vehicle performs. This gives you a new outlook on your vehicle!! At every obstacle we instruct/demonstrate the correct technique for safe negotiation. Our aim is not only to teach you the correct techniques for driving off sealed roads but also to show you the capabilities of your own vehicle. At the end of the course you’ll have gained not only confidence and knowledge for yourself but also confidence in, and knowledge of, your own vehicle. The training sessions involve a lot of driving as well as some theory. Through years of experience we have learnt that the best way to retain information is to have FUN while learning. So, if you decide to join us, one of the most important things to bring with you is a sense of humour (but please don’t forget your vehicle)!