At 4WDORDT we believe that not enough emphasis is placed on fitting the correct tyre to your 4WD vehicle that will suit your purpose. Over the years we’ve used many different tyre brands. Some brands have included several different patterns all with varying degrees of success.

We’ve just purchased a new Ford Ranger PXII XLS, and you guessed it, we’ve fitted a new set of Goodyear DURATRAC’s to it. We’ve been using the DURATRAC now for several years and still can’t fault them!

The types of roads driven on varied from blacktop, soft sand and sharp unforgiving stones to some of the most boggy conditions I’ve encountered in central Australia. It’s always a great feeling getting back from an outback adventure without having any tyre issues.

The OTL road at the Cape demands good traction and durability. The Kimberley region demands toughness to withstand the varying road surfaces and durability. On the other hand the Simpson Desert has to have a tyre with good sand traction and the versatility to run on gibber stones and have strong enough sidewalls to allow running on reduced pressures to help reduce bogging down in the sand!

We had fitted MTRs  to our previous vehicles, an NP Pajero, GU Patrol ute & a 78 series Landcruiser. These tyres performed well enough to allow all the vehicles  to negotiate the many obstacles in these areas with a minimum of fuss!! But on our last couple of vehicles, MN Triton and the new Ranger we decided on the DURATRAC for its excellent performance and durability for all conditions

The two most impressive things for me about these tyres is how little they “chip” on the lugs and how evenly they have worn.

Will we continue to use them? you better believe it!!!