ARB Accessories

We have been using ARB accessories for almost 20 years and found their products useful and reliable. From simple things like snatch straps through to steel bullbars.

We always replace the suspension on our vehicles no matter how new or old the vehicle is. The new Triton was no exception so its fitted with OME suspension and it works! Our vehicles are constantly being driven on some of the harshest roads that the Australian outback has to offer. From the Simpson Desert, the Kimbeley and, probably the most notorious, Cape York.

Our current tour/training vehicle, a Mitsubishi 2.5HP diesel GLX-R MN Triton. The vehicle has had a major facelift which means its fitted with these products supplied & fitted by ARB.

  • Steel bullbar with side brush bars & steps
  • Rear bar & tow hitch
  • 9.500lb Bushranger winch with DYNAMICA synthetic rope
  • 800XS driving/spot lights
  • Dual battery system
  • dual air compressor
  • Heavy duty coil springs (front) and upgraded heavy duty rear leaf springs
  • Nitrocharger shocks (front & rear)
  • ARB also fitted a Longer Ranger replacement 125lt fuel tank.
  • Front air locker
  • ARB canopy
  • Fridge slide/drawer system
  • GME 40 channel UHF radio

Need an accessory for your 4WD? ARB will probably be able to help! Another good thing about ARB accessories is if you have a problem with any of their gear – you can usually sort it out at one of their many outlets Australia wide.