ARB Accessories

We have been using ARB accessories for almost 20 years and found their products useful and reliable. From simple things like snatch straps through to steel bullbars. We always replace the suspension on our vehicles no matter how new or old the vehicle is. The new Triton was no exception so its fitted with OME suspension and […] Read More


  At 4WDORDT we believe that not enough emphasis is placed on fitting the correct tyre to your 4WD vehicle that will suit your purpose. Over the years we’ve used many different tyre brands. Some brands have included several different patterns all with varying degrees of success. We’ve just purchased a new Ford Ranger PXII XLS, […] Read More


Mapping and GPS technology has leapt forward at an incredible rate. Ten years ago who would have thought that you could insert a small card into a hand held computer and have, pretty much, every detailed map of Australia. We now use a HEMA NAVIGATOR 6 unit which sits in a craddle mounted on the dash. It’s simple to […] Read More

Rhino Rack

Every 4WD that I have ever owned has used a roof rack of some description. Our new Mitsubishi MN Triton is no exception.  Originally a full length Rhino system was fitted to our NP Pajero, GU Patrol ute & 78 series Toyota Landcruiser Troopcarrier. What we originally fitted to the Troopy was a specifically designed Rhino cage to carry our OZ Tent. This […] Read More