Public – advanced

This one day advanced course is designed to enhance your current off road driving skills by presenting obstacles that are more demanding on both driver and vehicle. To attend this training session you must have completed our level 1 or equivilent course.

The obstacles that you will be attempting include steeper hills with deeper washouts testing the vehicles wheel articulation. It’s also a good chance to test any suspension enhancements and/or traction aids that are either factory fitted or after market fitment. These include either air lockers or ‘soft lockers’.

We also take you through some very rocky sections and try to include mud (depending on weather).

And just to make even more interesting we get you to reverse up the hills using your mirrors.

We still have the same attitude…’have some fun with a sense of humour’…while you’re learning!

Course duration – 1 day

Cost $330.00 per driver – $100.00 per non driving adult passenger

Minimum of two (2) drivers

1 on 1 training is also available POA.