Public Level 1- enough to get you to the ‘Cape’and back!

This course is for those that want to learn the correct and safe techniques of how to take their vehicle off road and to also see what their vehicle is capable of.

This is not an accredited course but you’ll still learn all their is to know without the complication & hassle of having to do both a written and oral assessment.

The course driving content is literally the same as the accredited courses. This course allows more time for ‘hands on driving’. There are plenty of you out there that want to learn how to enjoy your 4WD without the formality.

During the day you’ll learn :-

  • Correct gear/ratio selection
  • Tyres & tyre pressures for both on & Off road driving
  • Steep hill ascent & descent
  • Stall recovery/key start procedures
  • Rock, water & sand obstacles
  • Minimal environmental impact
  • Wheel travel/articulation
  • Basic vehicle recovery

At the end of the course your practical knowledge and skill level will have vastly improved, giving you more confidence in the future when you decide to venture off road. Also, we’ll give you a certificate of completion to hang in pride and place where everyone can see it!!

Course duration – 1 day

Cost $330.00 per driver – $100.00 per non driving adult passenger

Minimum of two (2) drivers

1 on 1 training is also available POA.

For those that require more advanced driving skills we also offer the next level. It includes more advanced/difficult obstacles to enhance your current off road driving techniques. You must have completed our level 1 course or equivilent before attempting this session. once you’ve done our level 1 course you’ll probably feel that you don’t need to go to that next level … YET!