Simpson Desert Tours

No Simpson Desert tours planned for 2014 but we are doing some 2 day TRAIN, TECH & TREK programs … so check our SHORT TOURS link below

An example of what we give you and what you do on our Simpson Desert tour

All our tours require you to be totally self-sufficient. Your vehicle needs to be mechanically sound, with good tyres & suspension. You need to be able to carry enough fuel, food & water for a desert crossing (contact us about your vehicle”s fuel requirements). As always, we can offer assistance and advice on setting up your vehicle.
A brief overview to give you an idea

Cost for this tour is $?…..1 – 2 Adults

What”s included:

  • DBB in White Cliffs
  • DBB at the Birdsville hotel
  • DBB in Coober Pedy
  • Full itinerary including Maps
  • Desert Parks Pass
  • All camping fees & permits (where required)
  • An experienced guide/trainer in a fully equipped lead vehicle
  • Minor vehicle recovery & tyre repairs
  • Discounts through ARB
  • Meet & greet BBQ a few months before departure date

Even with this brief overview of the tour you can see we’ve packed it with adventure, fun and even some luxury to boot!! We still believe that we provide the best value added tours available and encourage you to check out our competitors

What you need:

  • A mechanically sound vehicle with high/low range, good tyres & suspension
  • Recovery points both at the front & rear of the vehicle
  • Two (2) complete spare wheels & tyres
  • Your own camping equipment (if you don”t have it you can hire it!)
  • Self-catered, so bring your own food & drink
  • UHF radio
  • Enough fuel for a desert crossing (contact us for details)