Public – Recreational drivers

by Phil Poulter | 17th May 2011

For all dual range vehicles – just getting a little air during the day!   Read More

Public Level 1- enough to get you to the ‘Cape’and back!

by Webmaster | 21st April 2011

This course is for those that want to learn the correct and safe techniques of how to take their vehicle off road and to also see what their vehicle is capable of. This is not an accredited course but you’ll still learn all their is to know without the complication & hassle of having to […] Read More

Public Level 2 – advanced

by Webmaster | 21st April 2011

The level 2 course is designed to enhance your current off road driving skills by presenting obstacles that are more demanding on both driver and vehicle. To attend this training session you must have completed our level 1 or equivilent course. The obstacles that you will be attempting include steeper hills with deeper washouts testing the […] Read More

Public Level 3 – full on recovery

by Webmaster | 21st April 2011

The level 3 course has been designed for those that have a vehicle mounted electric winch or will carry a hand winch when they decide to venture off road. The course also covers other forms of safe recovery techniques which includes ; Identification & maintenance of ALL recovery equipment How to operate in a safe & […] Read More