About Us

4WD Off Road Driver Training Pty Ltd (4WDORDT) was formed in 1990 for the specific purpose, of making available, training programs to educate participants in the safe & correct techniques used for driving 4WD vehicles off sealed surfaces.

Our aim at 4WDORDT is to keep pace with the ever changing 4WD industry. This inculded becoming the first 4WD training company in NSW to gain accreditation from the NSW Government Vocational Education & Training Accreditation Board (VETAB) now known as Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQF).

Times are constantly changing and the needs of participants vary greatly. So,we now provide nationally recognised training packages in partnership with the Australian 4WD Academy – Registered Training Organisation (RTO) Code 91225 , who provide the Statement of Attainment/qualification. Working in partnership with this organisation allows us to present a diverse range of nationally accredited training programs.

We have also received numerous inquiries regarding informal training sessions because, we believe, there are people out in the 4WD world that don’t want or need the formal training. That’s why we also provide a day that allows the participants to gain an understanding of how well their vehicle will perform in an off road situation without the stress of doing the formal side of nationally accredited assessments. The day is designed to be informative…and also a bucket load of fun!

It is our aim at 4WDORDT to keep our training procedures and course contents up to the highest standards and to keep pace with the ever changing 4WD industry. Vehicles are hitting the showroom floor with more sophisticated components requiring different driving techniques. It is for this reason that course presentation is constantly being updated.